Introducing: Farmy Forum

Over the past few days I have been working on a way to bring the supporters of Bristol Manor Farm FC closer together, a way to discuss games before and after they happen, to discuss the league in general, to post suggestions for the website or Twitter account and a way to talk about new events in our club. The ‘Farmy Forum’ is my way to accomplish this.

The forum is in early stages yet, it has been tested by me but will still encounter bugs and the likes because instead of linking to a easier to set-up forum I wanted the forum directly on our website whilst keeping it easy-to-use for us all. The forum can be accessed via the main menu bar of the website, right at the end. You will also notice a login button. For the register button to appear, you have to be on the forum page.

I’ve added certain features that I thought would be beneficial,  this includes adding your own avatar, private messaging other users, a online count and (hopefully) spam prevention. If you have any problems at all with the site you can go to and I’ll look into your problem and get back to you.

If you have any suggestions for the forum or even the Twitter account or website in general I’d love to hear your view, just go to the suggestion forum and make a topic, just make sure you follow this guideline.

Bear in mind that it is just me handling the forum as of current, I will look in to adding moderators in the future based on activity and helpfulness but with the Twitter, Website and now the Forum on my hands I can’t sort everything at once immediately so please give me some time.

 Also remember that we do have rules in place. 

  • Trolling is not allowed. Fans from other teams are welcome here, but coming here just to stir up trouble is not accepted and you will be immediately banned.
  • Being disappointed in players or the manager is fine, expressing your view is fine, but if you have an opinion make sure you share it and not just disrespect our team.
  • Impersonating a member of the club will be a permanent ban, no questions asked. The only LEGITIMATE members of our club will be identified with a badge next to their avatar, if they do not have that then they are likely a fake.
  • Arguing is again fine, everyone has different opinions, but if it goes on for too long or gets too heated you’ll be either muted or temporarily banned. Repeated offences will be a permanent ban.
  • Stay on topic, if you don’t then you’ll have your comment deleted. If you want to start a new topic we have plenty of places for that to happen if you just look around, if you can’t see what you want post a suggestion.

It is recommended that everyone visits before they post a comment, this isn’t needed but it will help you a lot.

If you would like to register a new account, simply head to and sign up. If you have any questions about the forum just visit and send me a message or send a direct message to @ManorFarmFC on Twitter, I’ll reply as soon as possible. 

Enjoy the new forum!

Please note that views expressed on this forum are not necessarily the views of the club. If any visiting fans or officials sees something they don’t like contact me and I’ll sort it out.